Spinning Backwards

More PV Installs

Head over to the projects page to check out Scott and Peters Township

PA Sunshine Grant Funding Low

The PA Sunshine Grant is running out fast. Not only are we about to drop a tier from $1.25 to $.75 per watt, but the entire $107 million is about gone. Call ASR tomorrow to get your application in and lock in your rebate.

MTL Magazine

Too bad they didn't include a photo. Nice Article though.

Radiant Ceilings?

Yes, Radiant Ceilings. Our favorite on going project at the 3rd Street Gallery is now on Phase 4 and 5. Since only ~1/3 of the studio has radiant flooring from when the apartment below was gutted over 20 years ago, we decided to double bubble foil the ceiling at the artist’s request to make this place extra toasty. We are also adding a Lynx high efficiency boiler to supplement the solar array. More photos on the entire project are over on the projects page.


Electric cars are so smooooooth

I received a call from my friend Kevin as I was about to leave the office on Saturday. “Hey Adam, my buddy is an engineer for GM from Detroit and is stopping at our house in about an hour on his way to DC with a VOLT if you want to check it out.” Absolutely! I pulled up as they were unloading the car and after a quick introduction, here are the keys go for a joy ride. And joy ride I did. Electric Cars make me SMILE.

Solar Thermal

Confusing the Gas Company

This is kinda funny...

Solar Thermal Graphic Design Contest

You wouldn't believe how many website hits we get from China. Their marketing department makes Evacuated Tubes look great!

More Solar = More Jobs

Lou is old school and brings in newspaper clippings of solar articles for us.

What is your solar share by 2021?

.5%, 1.5%, 3% ?

Governor Ed Rendell Chimes In.

"The solar-energy industry is growing rapidly and creating thousands of jobs nationwide. But Pennsylvania is falling farther behind in the race for these green jobs. When it comes to producing clean electricity from the sun, other states are leaping ahead of the commonwealth..." Click Here for full story

Solar Protest Anyone?

Would someone please stage a "got electricity? SOLAR POWER NOW" protest. I'm too nice to start that kind of traffic snarl. I hate traffic and saw all of the facebook whining this demonstration caused. Click Here for full story

Noticing Wind on the Highways

Getting up close and personal with a large wind turbine blade on the highway is pretty cool. Someone at the Waynesburg exit on I79 put up a small turbine too!

Congressman Tim Murphy Visits ASR

Congressman Tim Murphy stopped by for a solar tour and to discuss the country's current and future renewable energy programs. We will also be exhibiting at Congressman Murphy’s Energy Expo on June 2nd. Details to follow.

Hidden Photovoltaics

Only trained eyes can see these panels from the street of this Mt. Lebanon home. Complete project pages to follow, including the Enphase Enlighten website with real time monitoring capabilities.


ASR is proud to announce the first solar PV installation in Upper St. Clair, PA. This 2.3kW system is estimated to make this home "net zero". There is room for a 3 panel expansion if necessary.

Man/Mann Made Global Warming

I thought it was a joke at first, but these protesters were full of hate. They definitely got some attention since this was also the day of the Pittsburgh Marathon and the finish line was less than a block away.

*Apparently* these people and chickens adamantly oppose Professor Mann’s idea that our planet is warming, specifically from human activity. Despite their antics, this event was an extreme success. There was a large turnout and all of the speakers were excellent.

And regardless of your stance on global warming, always consider that legislation supporting it will spur investment in renewable energy, thus helping us curb our dangerous addiction to foreign oil. An energy independent America should be on every American’s agenda.

Penn Future

Penn Future is hosting a Global Warming Conference. ASR will have a booth set up at the event. Learn about the earth, its temperature, and discuss if it is all a big hoax like the television and internet have been telling you. Stop down and see us to learn about using the sun to heat your water and make electricity.

Mt. Lebanon Earth Day

Thanks everyone for a great event.

The View

Our good friend John Rozzo stopped by to show us his new equipment.

Mt. Lebanon Earth Day

Stop by and see us

Matt Smith Visits ASR

State Representative Matt Smith stopped by for a solar tour and to discuss the state’s current and future renewable energy programs.

Solar Gossip

Reading the latest InTouch Weekly in the grocery store line, I spotted two sets of evacuated tube collectors on Kate Gosselin's house.

Green Roof Breakfast

There is a Green Roofs and Landscaping Breakfast hosted in Carnegie February 26th.


City Live is hosting a Beyond LEED, The Future of Green Buildings Event at 6:30pm, February 23rd

Big Snow

Pittsburgh got about 20" of snow Friday through Saturday on February 5th and 6th. This photo was taken on Sunday and you can see the collectors 55 degree tilt combined with some sunlight were enough to make them start to shed the snow. Unfortunately power wasn’t restored until Monday and our pumps our still currently hooked to the grid. This situation definitely makes ASR want a PV system with a battery bank for the future. Although, it was excited to see the system making heat as soon as power was restored.

Even More Press

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PennFuture Hosts Clean Energy Breakfast

The Clean Energy Breakfast held on Wednesday January 20th focused on House Bill 80 and Senate Bill 92. Often referred to as “The Clean energy and Green Jobs Bills”, these two pieces of legislation will bolster Pennsylvania’s position as a national leader in renewable energy production. The bills will extend the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards (AEPS) act to 2024. In addition it will raise the solar power sold in Pennsylvania six-fold from .5 percent to 3 percent of electricity by 2024. Please ask your local politicians to support this bill. Here is a link to Audio from the event.

Home Remodeling Expo

The Pittsburgh Home Remodeling Expo was a first for ASR. Booth #1001 turned out to be one of the shows more popular attractions and almost everyone was interested in learning more about solar thermal. Thank you to everyone who came to visit us and we look forward to serving you in the future.

More Press

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You are invited the 3rd Friday of each month, 5-9pm, to an informal gathering of folks who have an interest in a greener, more sustainable planet.


Where: CCI Center, Southside

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette

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Pittsburgh Home Remodeling Expo

Stop down and see us at booth 1001

Friday 2:00pm-9:00pm
Saturday 10:00am-9:00pm
Sunday 10:00am-5:00pm

Call ASR for free tickets

Snow Snow, melt away

The tubes shed the snow pretty well

Walking The Walk

6 Collectors are on the ASR building. Everyone driving by has been looking up.

Shipping and Receiving

We just received another order of 6 SPP-30 collectors today. It is truly exciting to think how much energy will be harvested from the collectors in those boxes.

3rd Street Gallery

Four more collectors are currently being installed at the gallery. Check out the projects page to keep up to date on the installation.

CCI Solar PV Class

The CCI center in Southside is offering a Solar PV grid tied installation workshop. Click here for more details.


You are invited the 3rd Friday of each month, 5-9pm, to an informal gathering of folks who have an interest in a greener, more sustainable planet.


Where: Arsenal Bowling Lanes 212 44th Street, Pittsburgh, PA, 15201

Welcome to ASR

Even our front door is going Solar!

Thanks D4 Graphics


David de Rothschild will be sailing a 60' catamaran built of recycled plastic from San Francisco to Sydney, Australia. I wish you luck sailor! You can follow the adventure on their ridiculously superb 3D interactive website here


Tony and Lou went down to the Chesapeake last weekend to install a heatpump, get in one last sail, and take Soolaimon out of the water. *Photo at Sunrise and with Lou at the helm.

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